Robeta came from the idea of making travel vehicles that stand out from the rest in design and higher quality. In 2011, Robeta was founded in Slovenia in connection with passion for comfortable travel. Initially, Robeta designed interiors for wellknown manufacturers. Then they started developing own designs. Now, demanding Robeta customers can find 5 exciting models with several basic floor plans, as well as a revolutionary, optional ultra-light furniture (AIR) concept available from  pring 2020.

Check our manufacturing process with focus on detail and quality materials. Whether you are looking for a vehicle for trips to European capitals or prefer to travel to the mountains or the sea or even want to drive off-road – ourvehicles will meet your expectations in everysituation.

Development of each model from the first idea to the final product happens in Robeta. The creation of your new Robeta is happening on several levels, with a competent, expert team accompanying the whole process.

A new journey is the basis for the idea of a new vehicle, which is sketched out by our  esigner, adding fresh ideas and innovations. Our constructors translate these ideas into a CAD program that assures high level of quality in production. Carpenters manufacture furniture for Robeta vehicles using state-of-the-art CNC machines. Carved pieces of furniture are hand-assembled by our staff into furniture. Each vehicle goes through a final quality  nspection before handover. With a plaque signed by the constructor, we guarantee that your motorhome is manufactured with care, precision and love.

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