About us

About us

ROBETA MOBIL was formed in 2011 out of passion for caravanning, active living and vision to bring something fresh to the market by its founder Primož Kotnik.

A couple of years down the line and ROBETA MOBIL boasts a modern facility with a strong team of engineers, designers and skilled craftsmen, which produce a healthy 200 units per year.

Its high standards in quality, production and flexibility, sum up in a constant high demand for its products, which drive the companies rapid growth.

Besides its own camper vans which are based on Citroen Jumper, ROBETA is a developer and producer of  Opel Movano based WOMONDO brand camper vans. Using the finest components on the market and choosing trustworthy partners, suppliers and dealers, allow us to be competitive in the market, but still offer enough flexibility to meet clients’ needs instead of enforcing industrial friendly solutions. Each ROBETA camper van is made for You!

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